Marathon County Uniform Addressing

Rib Mountain

Uniform Addressing in Rib Mountain

Later this year, residents, business owners, and landowners in the Town of Rib Mountain will receive new six-digit addresses as part of Marathon County’s Uniform Addressing project to enhance public safety. The addition of Rib Mountain to the county-wide project is the result of a decision handed down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court on May 16, 2019 (PDF)

The re-addressing project (still underway in several northwestern municipalities) is expected to have sign-installation crews begin working in the Town of Rib Mountain by late Summer or early Fall 2019.

stallation Progress Map 

Rib Mountain Residents May Receive Forwarding Postcard By Mistake

Marathon County has a verified with the USPS that they mistakenly sent post cards to residents of the Town of Rib Mountain. The card is asking people to contact the Post Office to change their address. Residents should disregard the postcard and not do anything. Address forwarding is automatically set up as part of the Uniform Addressing system. The Official Uniform Addressing Notice will have the Marathon County logo and residents should wait until their sign is installed before beginning to change their personal information. Official Notices from Marathon County are in the mail and should be delivered in the coming days.


Public Input Meeting on Proposed New Road Names

As part of the project, 65 street names within the Town of Rib Mountain will be renamed.

A public input meeting was held on Wednesday, June 26 at the Town of Rib Mountain Municipal Center (3700 North Mountain Road). This meeting was an opportunity for Rib Mountain property owners to become better informed about the proposed road name changes and to provide input before the Town of Rib Mountain submitted a final Road Name List to the County, which will be used to create new road and address signs.

Approved Road Name Changes in Rib Mountain.


Watch the Mail for Your Announcement Postcard & Your Official Notice of Address Change

Rib Mountain Announcement Postcard - side 2

Similar to the other 41 participating municipalities, property owners in the Town of Rib Mountain will first receive an informational Announcement Postcard in the mail, outlining the basics of the Uniform Addressing project.

Then, in the weeks leading up to sign installation, property owners in Rib Mountain will receive by mail an Official Notice of address change from the Marathon County Conservation, Planning, & Zoning Department that will include further details, such as their new six-digit Uniform Address, as well as helpful information regarding where and when to update their address. (For safety reasons, Marathon County will not release any of the new addresses to the public until the Official Notices are mailed.)

NOTE: Residents, business owners, and landowners in Rib Mountain should continue to use their current address (for driver license renewals, check re-ordering, etc.) until they receive an Official Notice of address change from Marathon County CPZ Department in the mail in late Summer or early Fall 2019. 


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Further project details specific to Rib Mountain may be found in the Summer 2019 issue of the Town of Rib Mountain’s newsletter: "The Town Beat." 

If you still have questions after attending the Public Input Meeting on June 26, 2019 (see details above) or after viewing our webpages, please contact Rib Mountain Town Administrator Gaylene Rhoden at 715.842.0983 or