Marathon County Uniform Addressing

Why change addresses in Marathon County now?

Marathon County’s current addressing system was built in the 1980s, when it was assumed that all calls to the Central E911 Dispatch would come from landline phones. Today, 70% of emergency calls in Marathon County come from cell phones, which cannot guarantee a precise location; only 30% come from traceable landline phones. 

What’s more, the Federal government now requires our Central E911 Dispatch to process, receive, and respond to new communication technologies, such as cell phones and social media. In the event that a cell phone caller or texter is a visitor to the area (or is simply unfamiliar with his or her exact location), reflective, double-sided Uniform Addressing signs that are visible day or night help callers (and emergency services personnel) determine a precise location.

Now is also an opportune time to implement a Uniform Addressing System since it can be synced with Marathon County’s multi-million–dollar investments in information 
technology to replace its outdated Land Records System and Computer-Aided Dispatch (law-enforcement software), bringing all three systems in line utilizing Uniform Addressing.

Why change addresses in Marathon County now?