Marathon County Uniform Addressing

Who renamed the new roads?

Local input on roads for all towns except Rib Mountain took place in April 2017, and roads were renamed in Spring 2017 by the local municipalities.

View the Road Name List (PDF) (updated 2-14-2018) for a listing of road names (sorted by municipality) that have changed — or that will be changing — due to the Uniform Addressing project. The road-renaming part of the project is done; road names can no longer be changed. If you have concerns or questions about your road name, you may contact your local Town or Village official. NOTE: This list does NOT include Rib Mountain; see the separate list below for proposed road name changes in the Town of Rib Mountain.

View the List of Proposed Road Names for Rib Mountain (PDF) to see the suggested road names to be changed in the Town of Rib Mountain. If you have questions about proposed road name changes in Rib Mountain: A Public Input Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 26, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. at the Town of Rib Mountain Municipal Center (3700 North Mountain Rd.). This meeting is an opportunity for Rib Mountain property owners to become better informed about the proposed road name changes to increase public safety in Rib Mountain — and to provide input before the Town of Rib Mountain submits a final Road Name List to the County, which will be used to create new road and address signs. 

Who renamed the new roads?