Marathon County Uniform Addressing

When will the new addresses be released?

Between Spring and Fall 2018, Marathon County's CPZ Department will be mailing an Official Notice of new Uniform Addresses to residents, landowners, and business owners whose addresses will be changing. This Official Notice will provide your new 6-digit address and an estimated date of when your new address sign will be installed or delivered in your municipality.

After you receive your Official Notice...

If you're having a blue, flag-style address sign installed (which most addresses are):

1. DIGGERS HOTLINE will spray-paint lines on your property to mark where it’s safe to install the signpost.
2. LANGE ENTERPRISES will install a new, blue, flag-style address sign on the side of your driveway.
3. After your sign is installed, you should use your NEW ADDRESS & begin notifying others of your address change.

If you're one of the few slotted to receive a black-and-white, building-mounted address sign:

1. LANGE ENTERPRISES will mail you a new, 6-digit, black-and-white address sign.
2. You'll use the included instructions to HANG YOUR NEW ADDRESS SIGN on your home or building, as indicated.
3. Once Lange Enterprises mails your new address sign, YOUR NEW ADDRESS IS ACTIVE and you should begin to USE YOUR NEW ADDRESS.

New Uniform Address signs (and any new street-name signs) will not be installed or mailed out until at least April 2018, when the ground thaws.

Installation/Delivery will begin on the east side of Marathon County and will be phased in by municipality over the course of many months, moving west sequentially across the County.

The project is estimated to be completed by November 2018.

NOTE: The County reserves the right to adjust project timelines and sign placement as needed. 


When will the new addresses be released?