Marathon County Uniform Addressing

How does my address relate to the 911 system?

Marathon County Conservation, Planning, and Zoning (CPZ) assigns addresses for all the towns (unincorporated municipalities), and acquires site addresses for the incorporated municipalities. CPZ uses this information to create maps, one of which will show the exact location of your residence when you call 911. CPZ is also responsible for the information that goes into the 911 Computer Aided Dispatch System for Marathon County’s Communications Center. When you call 911 from your landline phone, your name, address, phone number, directions to your house, and all emergency responders responsible for your location automatically appear on the communication officer’s screen.

The Communication Center also has the ability to enter premise location information for each address such as any medical problems that your family may have, where your fuel tank and breaker box are located in the event of a fire, the number of persons that reside in your house, etc.

Marathon County’s goal is to assist the emergency personnel in every way to ensure efficient response times.

How does my address relate to the 911 system?