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Here is where you’ll find the latest updates on the Uniform Addressing project, downloadable checklists, maps, and reference guides, links to helpful resources, and more. We hope you’ll check back often to keep yourself informed about this county-wide project.


View our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) webpage for answers to common questions about the Uniform Addressing project, and check out our Documents webpage for downloadable Quick Reference Guides for residents and business owners.

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2018-04-04: Uniform Addressing Project Delayed Due to April Snowstorms

snowy scene

The April 9 start date for Uniform Addressing sign installation has been postponed for at least 1 to 2 weeks depending on ground conditions. Scheduling updates will be posted to this website as they become available. Read on for details… (read more)

2018-03-20: Uniform Addressing Project to Begin in Eastern Marathon County on April 9

Uniform Addressing Official Notice - Sample

If the ground has thawed, new Uniform Address signs and signposts will begin to be installed in the Towns of Harrison and Plover on April 9, 2018. A few weeks before installation begins in a municipality, affected residents, landowners, and business owners will receive an Official... (read more)

2018-03-13: Uniform Addressing New Address Ranges for 15 Eastern Towns & Village of Elderon Released

Address Range Excel Data File image

If you're a business that can utilize address ranges (e.g., delivery drivers), we have an Excel file available for download. Actual addresses will be released as Official Notices are mailed between March and November 2018 to affected residents, landowners, and... (read more)

2018-02-06: Old vs. New Road Name List Updated (February 2018)

If you've checked the list of new road names on this site before and didn't see your road name on it, you may wish to check the old vs. new Road Name List again. It's now been updated to include more road names that will be changing... (read more)

2018-01-29: Marathon County’s Uniform Addressing Project to Begin Spring 2018 :: New Reflective Address & Street-Name Signs Aim to Improve Public Safety, Officials Say

In January 2018, the Marathon County CPZ Dept. began to mail an initial postcard announcement to over 20,000 residents, landowners, & business owners who will receive new Uniform Addresses. Marathon County Board of Supervisors Chair Kurt Gibbs explains where the project is at... (read more)

2018-01-15: Participating Municipalities to Receive Postcard Update in January 2018

In late January, Marathon County mailed announcement postcards to inform PARTICIPATING residents / landowners / business owners that their address will be changing due to the County’s upcoming Uniform Addressing project. (If you’re not sure whether your municipality is... (read more)

2018-01-10: Village of Weston Withdraws from Uniform Addressing Project

In late November 2017, the Village of Weston voted to withdraw from Marathon County’s Uniform Addressing project while still working to correct any non-compliant addresses in the village. NOTE: The Town of Weston will still be participating. Any questions on address changes in the... (read more)

2017-12-21: Town of Rib Mountain Participation in Uniform Addressing Project On Hold

The Town of Rib Mountain is NOT slated to receive new addresses or street names as part of Marathon County’s Uniform Addressing project at this time. Application of the Uniform Addressing System in the Town of Rib Mountain is currently being reviewed by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. (read more)

2017-10-23: Marathon County Uniform Addressing Update

New 6-digit address numbers — and some renamed roads — are coming to much of Marathon County in Spring 2018. Read the full article for participating municipalities, sign installation plans, and changes to project funding, as well as handy checklists and tips for notifying others of your address... (read more)

2017-07-01: Uniform Addressing Implementation

uniform addressing - proposed grid

In February 2016, the Marathon County Board adopted policy to implement a uniform addressing system. What this means is that instead of the current ten rural address grids, there will be a uniform grid. Uniform addressing will enable public agencies, especially emergency services,... (read more)

2017-06-20: Uniform Addressing – The Right Call

Sheriff Scott Parks provides insights on how Marathon County's current (outdated and unsafe) system could negatively impact you — and everyone else in Marathon County — and why we need to change to a Uniform Addressing grid. (read more)